What is your League of Legends MMR?

This is a League of Legends MMR calculator, where you can find out your lol mmr. This mmr is an indication what elo you are and what enemies you are facing. The higher mmr the better the enemies are. This mmr calculator is only for EUW, EUNE and NA available

Select your region and type in your League of Legends summoner name. It will then show you your mmr for ranked, aram and normal queue!

What is the origin of mmr and how can I boost my mmr to earn more lp and play against better players? Read more down below

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How Does MMR Work?

An assessment of a player's level of skill and comparison with other players is fundamental to the operation of League of Legends MMR. Using this method, the game intends to set up matches where players will play against opponents whose skill levels are comparable so that all participants have a fairly and pleasant playing experience.

How Can you boost your lol MMR?

To enhance your League of Legends MMR, you can follow these strategies:

  • Maintain a consistent winning record: Winning games regularly is key to boosting your MMR. By consistently achieving victories, you demonstrate your skill and prompt the system to acknowledge your improved performance.
  • Emphasize personal performance: While winning matters, focusing on your individual performance is also important. Each game serves as an opportunity to showcase your abilities, so prioritize making intelligent choices, farming efficiently, and contributing to team objectives.
  • Team up with a premade group: Playing alongside a coordinated team significantly increases your chances of winning. Effective communication and strategic coordination enhance overall performance, raising your prospects of success and, consequently, elevating your MMR.
  • Specialize in a role or champion: Devoting yourself to a specific role or champion offers advantages. By mastering a particular playstyle, you can consistently perform well and contribute substantially to your team's achievements, thus raising your MMR.
  • Learn from errors: Analyzing your gameplay and learning from mistakes are vital for improvement. Identify areas that need enhancement, such as map awareness, positioning, or decision-making, and actively work on them to progress as a player.
  • Reset Your MMR: If you are stuck in a low elo and you want to start fresh, you can reset your MMR following this guide. This will reset your MMR and you will be able to play against better players and improve your MMR.
  • Buy A Fresh Account: Sometimes it is impossible to improve your MMR on your current account. This is where buying a fresh account comes in handy. You can buy a fresh account with a high MMR and start playing ranked on that account. This way you can play against better players and improve your MMR. You can buy check out our collection of lol accounts here.

Why is MMR important for ranked?

In the realm of ranked play in lol, the significance of MMR cannot be overstated. It plays a crucial role in several aspects of the ranked experience, contributing to fair matchmaking, accurate skill assessment, progression, rewards, and overall competitive integrity.

First and foremost, MMR ensures that players are matched with opponents of comparable skill levels. By taking into account a player's MMR, the matchmaking system strives to create balanced matches where both teams have an equal chance of victory. This emphasis on fair matchmaking enhances the competitive integrity of ranked games and provides a more enjoyable experience for all players involved.

MMR also serves as a reliable indicator of a player's skill level. It takes into consideration various factors, such as win rate, individual performance, and opponents faced, to accurately gauge a player's abilities. This assessment helps determine the appropriate rank and LP gains or losses for each match, ensuring that players are placed in skill brackets that align with their capabilities.

Furthermore, MMR directly impacts a player's progression in the ranked ladder. As a player's MMR increases, they gain access to higher-ranked matches and have the opportunity to advance to higher divisions or tiers. The pursuit of higher MMR becomes intertwined with the desire to climb the competitive ladder and achieve higher rankings.

Elevating one's MMR is not merely a matter of status, but it also carries tangible rewards. Higher MMR opens doors to more challenging matches and exclusive rewards, such as unique cosmetic items or season-specific prizes. These rewards serve as a testament to a player's skill and dedication, making the journey to increase MMR all the more rewarding.

Does Aram and Normal MMR matter for ranked?

Mmr gained from playing ARAM and Normal games can have an impact on ranked play, especially if you haven't participated in ranked matches yet. While ARAM and Normal MMR are distinct from ranked MMR, they can influence your initial placement and the skill bracket you are assigned to when you start ranked play.

If your ARAM or Normal MMR is notably high, it can potentially lead to a higher starting position in ranked. When entering the ranked queue for the first time, the system considers your existing MMR from other game modes. If your ARAM or Normal MMR surpasses the initial point for ranked MMR, the system may place you in a higher bracket initially. Consequently, you might face opponents with greater skill levels and have the opportunity to progress faster if you perform well.

However, it's important to understand that ARAM and Normal MMR do not directly affect your ranked MMR once you commence playing ranked matches. Ranked MMR is a separate rating exclusively tailored for the competitive ranked environment. It is influenced solely by your performance in ranked matches, including wins, losses, and individual performance metrics.

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